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           Surrender To Your Magnificience!

Dynamic, open-hearted, take-it-to-the-stars processes unlock the treasure chest of what has always existed inside of YOU: genius, loving and loveable, revered leader, wildly successful-- the list is as endless as your unlimited potential!

Prepare to:

  • Venture into the extraordinary realm of deep transformation.
  •  Unlock untapped inner resources
  • Experience profound shifts in relationship
  • Navigate through challenges that once frustrated and baffled you
  • Conquer destructive beliefs and habits that once controlled your life
  • Know the satisfaction in creating the life you were born to live.
  • How Core Coaching Works

    Clients who choose this coaching style usually opt for a longer session time which provides for deeper, long lasting results, with *processes* tailored to goals for the session and overall coaching package. Session time will be determined at the first session and may be modified if needed. Session lengths will be recorded in notes (which are sent to the client) and figured into the time alottment for each *coaching package*. Content for each session may be chosen from the processes below which are mutually agreed upon.


    Empowerment Dialogue

    Erase conflict between two key players of your soul: the controlling parent and the footloose child. Integrate both into compassionate and effective agreement so they can work as a team, rather than constantly sabotaging each other (and thus, your life!).  As you manage your inner conflict, watch the results of your outer circumstances transform. Manifest the life you always wanted!

    Dialogue of VoicesTM

    This process is similar to the Empowerment Dialogue, but includes more aspects of yourself than just the parent and child. As you and give voice to long silenced aspects of yourself. Illuminate the places where self sabotage keeps you from creating the life you truly deserve. Hear the fears and gifts inherent in the various dormant facets hidden within the depths of your being. Then integrate them into an effective, congruent alliance for making your life work in a truly effective and dynamic way.

    Breakthrough Process

    A distinctive, intensive, cathartic process for turning your greatest upset into your most prized treasure and strength. Through this process, age old issues with relationship, family and loved ones may be transformed.

    Gestalt Dream Work

    Discover the key to unlock the hidden messages of your dreams in this unique, revealing and insightful adventure that excavates the gems of your hidden silent shadows.

    Connected Breathwork

    Imagine: a technique that not only provides cleansing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, but leaves the breather with mental clarity and peace, deep relaxation and a deeper spiritual connection. Imagine that this tool could be used not only as a powerful and deeply moving process, but as a spontaneous, in-the- moment antidote for de-stressing, relaxing and detoxing the body quickly while centering and clearing one's mind. Imagine a technique that benefits all healing modalities and can be used 24 hr. a day. This is connected breathwork: simple, deep and immediately effective!


    Visualization has been used by the most successful individuals of our time: Olympic athletes and teams, performing artists, authors, finance professionals and leaders-- the list goes on. Multitudes are discovering the power of focusing their intent, feeling the object of their focus in their bodies and watching what they dream of manifest before their eyes!

    Discover the miracles that you create in your life when you give yourself the gift of Core Coaching.  Call to schedule your free session TODAY!

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