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Core Coaching Testimonials

"The result of my working with Lynds is that I fewer moments of disconnection. I listen to my body, my mind and my heart and do whatever it takes to stay grounded.....Lynds is determined to guide you to succeed in whatever you need to do to asist yourself in moving obstacles out of the way."
- D.R., grandmother, Salt Lake City, Utah

" means the world to me to know that you care, that I can trust you and know that you will be there for me if I need some support. You helped coach me through some of my hardest times and I really appreciate that alot. I will never forget you...."
- Becca D., teen, Centennial Park, Arizona

"At age 36 I sought out Lynds to help me work through the many destructive patterns in my life, among which was a pattern of dating abusive men. I am now blissfully married and looking forward to having a second child. If you want to give yourself a huge gift, Lynds will help you receive it."
- M.K., Youth Educator, Boston, Mass.

"Lynds has given me the rare gift....of releasing the ancient anger and grief that I had stored in my body, which was causing me a great deal of physical pain. After working closely with relationships are a lot healthier, I'm no longer afraid of who I am, and I've been more able to cope with the many challenges life presents. Thank you, Lynds!"
- C.P., Technical Wrter, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I continue to bless you for all you bring to the planet...."
- C.H., Park City, Utah

"Lynds Pickett is an amazingly gifted, intuitive person, with a clear, crisp vision and knowingness. She knows how to listen with her heart and support you in your higest good. To be a good coach requires years of experience....she has showed me how to swim in the beautiful, deep, rich, sea of self awareness, self love and living in my dream."
- C.L., Small Business Owner


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