Adventure Learning Testimonials

"This isn't just another ego buster/confidence builder course. It's a paradigm exploder. I was able to do what I "knew" was impossible... I got to be wrong about my limitations and challenge other "impossibilities" in my life.
– Paul Grace

To me the Ropes course and Firewalk are the most powerful and impactive one day growth and learning experiences that exists on the planet. My life and the lives of many others have been forever changed as a result of a single incomparable and unforgettable day. I cringe when I realize how close I came to choosing to skip this day. I will be forever grateful that I did it!
– Ken Light, PhD

"THANK YOU for the beautiful experience at the Ropes Course and Firewalk last Saturday. I felt so safe and supported through the entire process. I had a lot of insights in a short space of time. I will encourage everyone I know who is open... to do a ropes and firewalk!
– Jane Fifield

"I am grateful for our friendship and professional association. You are a remarkable soul and supreme facilitator whom I respect deeply."
- Bill Bireley, Life Management, Inc.


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