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Never underestimate the force for good that empowering ceremony and ritual play in our lives.  Wholesome ceremony and ritual mark and acknowledge milestones and passages in a person's life which makes their journey rich, meaningful and supported.  Empowering ceremony and ritual need not have any religious roots, can be created by the individual or group, or can come from a tradition thousands of years old.  However it originates or where it comes from, a successful ceremony or ritual gives the individual or group powerful metaphor, insights and a basis to move forward with an increased vision, understanding and completeness on one's path. 

Rituals are as simple as lighting a candle while thoughts are focused for a friend or loved one..OR changing out of work clothes and playing relaxing music to mark the end of a workday and the beginning of rejuvenation.  Burning artifacts in a supportive ceremony representing a healthy departure from aspects of life or relatinship. Thia signifies that one is complete with the issue. Using indigenous plants and customs from tribal cultures for release are only a couple of processes of ceremony.  Entering a structure built by a group with the group's blessing to create sacred space is yet another aspect of ceremony and the power of focused intention.

Here are a few occasions that ritual and ceremony add greatly to life:

 1.   Welcoming and New Beginnings: The birth of a child, wedding or blessing of a house for a new occupant.

2.    Transitions:  Ending a relationship in an acknowledging way, leaving for schooling or military service, the death of a loved one, leaving employment or relocating.

3.  Celebrations:  Coming of age, graduation, becoming a parent or grandparent, anniversaries...

4 .    Supporting:  Ceremonies of acknowledgement and honoring or those to assist in various challenging life situations. 


Winter Solstice Ceremony

.....celebrating the return of light!

Every year, deep in the heart of winter, the sun turns its course on the Winter Solstice, signaling longer, warmer days ahead. This is the true beginning of the new solar year and a powerful time to call in desires for oneself, loved ones and the planet.

Yule Log
Art Image by
Hadley Hooper

Gift yourself a tranquil, sweet evening

with likeminded folk

Receive the nurturing of slowing down

and savoring deep peace

Savor your connection to your

spiritual Source as you...

Plant the seeds of your dreams in

sacred ceremonial space

Indigenous societies have celebrated the Sun's return for thousands of years and ancient traditions have survived through time to our modern world. On this evening, ceremonies and traditions from various cultures will be honored, including sacred fire, prayer sticks (Native American) and the Yule Log (Celtic). Come share wassail and eat of the pomegranate! This is an evening to leave any worries and pressures of the season outside the door and fill your wellspring!

Date: Sat., Dec. 18, 2010

Time: 5:00- 7:30-ish p.m.

Place: 10531 W. 105th Ave., Westminster, CO 80021

Fee: Love Offering (what's this?)

Bring: Your hearfelt dreams and intentions for 2010, plus your favorite dish to share and celebrate with!

RSVP: Lynds, 303-506-1772 by Fri., Dec. 17



This ancient tradition honors the union of the inner male and female, and our relationships. Using the Maypole, visions and dreams are woven into a tangible creation. Honoring the Sacred Fire, we ignite our creative and passionate fires within, fueling our next step (or leap) into our dreams.
In the wheel of the year, Beltane is the time for celebrating and putting to use the gifts that spring has brought us. Think of these questions:

1.  What do I need to happen, to manifest, to bring to fruition, to receive before this coming harvest, before this year's growing time is over?

2.  What are my gifts, that I can use to help make this happen?

3.  What forces can I bring together NOW that, in their synthesis, will power my next stage?

From ancient times, the season of blossom is the critical point in our cycle when catalysts--egg and seed, or fuel and spark, or dreams and hard work, or whatever is needed--come together to create That Which Has Never Existed Before. In countless ancient traditions, this coming together, this synthesis, is symbolized by the mating of the Goddess and God, the Sacred Union. The underlying idea is to take disparate parts or ingredients, put them together, and generate Power to help what we need to manifest itself in our life.

All through the dark, cold part of the year, we have been sheltering our dreams like seed corn in the cellar. Likewise, for months, we have been gathering images, visions and dreams to launch us into manifestation.  Now that the Sun has come, it's time to nurture those seeds we planted in the dark of Winter, and to make those dreams reality. As our crops come in over the summer, we will be drawing nourishment from our ceremony and perhaps even create more of them. Nourish--flourish--grow--prosper.
It's time!

Burst Into Flames Beltane Wrath

 Celebrate Spring and the Alchemy of the Sacred Beltane Fire as we release into the fire that which we have outgrown and are giving away.  Bring  your visions and dreams to fire them with the hot passion of your intention which sharpens your focus and committment to manifest those dreams!


Date:  TBA
Fee:  Love Offering (what's this?)
Bring:  Items or release and/or manifestation for the fire(no glass, metal, plastic or             explosives)
           A desire to manifest your dreams and an adventuresome attitude!
          Food to share afterwards


Questions and Registrations: 303-506-1772


Love Offerings:

Love offerings are used in place of a set fee for the event.  They leave the participant open to their own best judgment of the amount they would like to offer in exchange for the time and energy required for the preparation, presentation and clean-up of the ceremony by the presenter/facilitator AND the value of the ceremony for them.  The important thing to remember about the offering is to keep the energy of your intentions moving by completing the circle of giving.  Some don't realize that when there is no exchange given on their part, the energy of manifestation stops where the giving stops.   Abundance and manifestation is affirmed and grows when we take ALL the steps necessary to bring them forward.  One of these steps is created by keeping our channel clear and flowing by letting our abundance flow to others.